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How It Works

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For each verified referral, a business receives 5 PRO-POINTS. The more PRO-POINTS they receive, the higher their listing will appear in search results. allows consumers to offer Positive Recognition of businesses that provide genuinely reliable services by submitting Personal Referrals, which in turn assist other consumers in the process of identifying reputable local businesses capable of meeting their specific service needs.

Why So Positive?

As business owners ourselves we know how 1 negative review can psychologically squash 100 good ones, so with that in mind we have built our network around a Purely Positive Referral System.

Our stringent referral requirements which consist of multiple verification measures is the keystone to our system as we are vigilant in ensuring that only authentic referrals are posted. Every single referral is validated prior to appearing on business listings. In addition to this, we have the ability to contact all submitters of referrals to further verify their submission is genuine*. This system also aims to prevent competitors from posting misleading negative information which is a sad reality on review-based sites.

The Reality of Online Reviews

In this digital age even the slightest amount of negative feedback can unduly tarnish a business’s reputation. A sad reality is that many review sites contain false negative feedback posted by competitors, and conversely fake positive reviews posted by the business themselves (referred to as “Astroturfing”). Both of which we feel to be unfair, and can misrepresent the standard of quality with which a business truly operates. Consider this, if a business is not receiving positive referrals, the silence in itself can speak volumes.

Online Review Facts:
  • In a recent survey of online review site users...“31% said they are far more likely to share information about a bad experience with a product or service than a good one”- Source: “Word of Mouth Survey, 2011” -
  • “It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for 1 negative experience.” - Source: “Understanding Customers” - Ruby Newell-Legner

We suggest that if you want to provide negative feedback in regards to services you have received from a business to contact them directly, or their appropriate governing bodies.

Referral Policy

When submitting a business referral on we ask that you:
  • Acknowledge that we have implemented multiple verification measures including: IP identification, email activation, direct telephone/email contact and more in order to verify the validity of referrals submitted on our site, and by submitting your referral give explicit consent to being contacted by our Referral Administrators to discuss your submission.
  • Enjoy the experience and help us maintain the integrity of
  • Only submit referrals about your own personal experiences.
  • Understand that there is a minimum requirement of 120 characters to make positive comments, so please be detailed about your experience.
  • Refrain from submissions including any negative comments, profane or offensive language, and defamatory comments as they will be flagged as inappropriate and deleted at the discretion of our referral administrators.
  • Only submit referrals for a business not owned by you, your family or your friends (unless you truly have utilized their services).
  • Not post multiple referrals for a single business.
  • Mention the staff member who delivered your service, as this helps business owners recognize and reward their employees for their level of service.
  • Help business owners and their teams who provide quality services receive the community recognition they deserve by sharing your positive experiences, as well as sharing with your friends, families, neighbours, and everyone else!
  • Fully read and accept the privacy policy and terms of use prior to submitting your referral.

Tips & Advice

At we do our absolute best to ensure the information on our site is accurate, but like anything in life nothing is more important than performing due diligence. Therefore we suggest that once you have found a service provider you consider requesting physical proof of insurance, bonding, police check, licensing etc.

* All referrals are subject to Third Party Verification by our Referral Administrators who have the ability to remove any submissions which they deem to be in contradiction with our Referral Policy. Any abuse of this system by Business Members can lead to account suspension or removal. Please refer to our Terms of Use for more details